About CPC

The concept of CENTRALISED PLACEMENT CELL sprouted like a drop of spring, with an objective of reaching to all deserving and eligible unplaced students, irrespective of the geographical location of their institution. The institutions will have their conventional placement activities, as usual. But the role of VTU’s centralized placement cell to bring the corporate into a single platform on one hand and the talents from various institutions on the other hand into the same platform providing the opportunity for the employer to select their prospective employee.

The objective is not only providing job opportunities to students but also prepare them effectively through VTU certified trainer as per Industry requirements. VTU has initiated Centralized Training Initiative very strongly involving the industry /corporate involvement and their inputs. The initiative is well accepted by all the upcoming institutions. The Industry is extremely happy to receive the skilled talents from day one.

Message by Vice Chancellor

Dr. Karisiddappa
Vice Chancellor - VTU
It was one of the needs of the hour to lay a very strong foundation for placement at VTU especially, to reach to the rural students and make them employable. VTU CPC has taken up very strong and timely initiation in this direction. Today I am very happy to note that the dream has materialized by the formation of the Centralised Placement Cell with very clear objectives. The CPC and the training initiative really needed a strong platform to monitor and execute, and I am sure, this initiation of VTUCPC is going to be the model program to other universities and will change the conventional campus hiring methodologies.

Message by Registrar

Dr. H. N. Jagannatha Reddy
Registrar - VTU
In this highly competitive corporate markets the placement is a real time challenging task. Every institutional campus is facing uphill task to place their students and approach the corporate sectors with regards to placement, projects, internships, industry interactions and for any other relevant information. VTU's CPC has taken this challenge as a mission and we are proud of the results yielded in the past 3 years. The initiative is well accepted by the corporate offices and the institutions. The number of students approaching VTU from other states is an indication that CPC has clear road map in achieving its objectives and has reached the students. I feel happy to note that thousands of our students are benefited by this initiative.