VTU - Videsh


VTU - Videsh Consultz for Global opportunities

     Videsh Consultz is a team of young, highly experienced, educated professionals including
     Germany and Italy graduates. Together they all have great expertise and good understanding of
     the culture, education system, universities abroad and what it can offer Indian students
     in terms of career goals, employment and settlement.


Are you interested in Overseas Opportunities? Send us a mail at videshconsultz24hrs@gmail.com


  Videsh Consultz Pvt Ltd. is a leading
  European Free Education Consultant
  in India. They provide the best overseas
  education services. They are marked by
  high quality, authenticity and satisfaction
  delivered to the clients.

  VTU is partnered with Videsh Consultz
  Pvt Ltd to provide aspiring students
  with good overseas opportunities.